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Ayum's training is “participatory” rather than “lecture-based. We provide opportunities to think and We aim to change behavior in the workplace.

In Cambodia, where there is no concept of career education, people enter the workforce without knowing much about the world, so post-employment education is very important, and it is necessary to provide not only training in basic social skills but also education to develop the ability to think.

Ayum offers a wide range of training programs for different positions and levels in companies.

We provide opportunities to think about the “why” to bring about changes in attitudes and behaviors.

  • Labor Management Support

    Do you have these problems?

  • Just started up a company and have no knowledge of labor
  • We don't have labor staff, so we can't follow procedures well
  • Unable to manage complicated labor affairs

    Improvement Of Operations Support

    Do you have these problems?

  • he task that is left to staff is not completed well.
  • Want to improve more because work is not efficient
  • Want to make a strong operation
    Business survey

    Do you have these problems?

  • Want to visualize staff tasks and review hiring plans
  • Want to organize and make efficient work internal operations
  • Want to standardize the business flow of each branch

    Concept Penetration Workshop

    Do you have these problems?

  • Want staff to understand more about Company’s policy
  • Want them to penetrate about Vision and Mission
  • Want to convey the appeal of company to everyone


    វគ្គបណ្តុះបណ្តាលរបស់ Ayum


    The instructors at Ayum are professionals in the field of education. They are also well versed in the field of business. For this reason, we will build a program that does not end with classroom lectures, but rather emphasizes the realities of the workplace so that participants can participate in the training more proactively and brush up on their own ideas.

    Training Style
    Participation-Type/ Small among of people

    It is not a lecture type in which the instructor unilaterally conveys knowledge, but it’s a participatory type in which the students can think and get output most of the time. Therefore, we will hold a small number of 2 to 12 people so that everyone can actively speak and experience it.

    Abundant curriculum

    There are a total of 25 themes, from training to acquire hard skills, to training, to develop soft skills. It is also possible to create original training according to the client's issues and requests.


    Training Area

    Improvement of working skills of Newcomers and young people

    Do you have this problems?

  • Still feel like a student, and can't greet well
  • Even after working start, still eat breakfast at the desk
  • There are staff members who post secrecy information on SNS

    Training Plan

    . Training in business manner
    . Training to think as a working adult
    . Training on compliance

    Business skill
    Strengthen the management skill

    Do you have this problems?

  • Don’t have the independence of will or action if don’t tell details is can’t do
  • Don’t have rank of priority, just what is easy first
  • Many staff are not good at giving instructions to people, and leaders do not grow

    Training Plan

    . Training on leadership
    . Report, Contact, consult (Hou-Ren-Sou)
    . Independence of will and act
    . Rank of priority

    Whole Company’s
    improvement of organizational

    Do you have this problems?

  • Become individualistic and less conscious of “cooperating with colleagues’’
  • There is little communication between departments, and there is no sharing at work
  • The concept has not penetrated and there is no sense of unity

    Training Plan

    . Teamwork training
    . Company philosophy penetration workshop
    . Remote work countermeasure training

    Japanese style training

    Do you have this problems?

  • Get a antipathy of improve the work environment and work efficiency, then want to start from a familiar place
  • Can't explain about punctuality and manners well
  • Want to learn about Japanese-style business manner and improve services

    Training Plan

    . Kaizen training
    . 5S Training
    . Hospitality training

    Have been using Training Service

    From Company which


    have been used Training Service

    Teamwork Training lecture

    I realized that To change the behaviorExperiencing ” is more important than convey in “Word

    The challenge was that we had little awareness of “cooperating with colleagues” both inside and outside the team, so we asked 12 staff members to undergo teamwork training. In the training, let us think about “what is teamwork” and “what is the role of the team” and experienced it.The day after the class, I was surprised to see the effect immediately, such as holding a team meeting voluntarily. I intended to convey the importance of teamwork, but it was difficult to convey it in words, and just leave the workplace to think and experience it, and to perceive it as oneself.

    (Japanese Company)

    Customized Training Lecture

    Ayum Has you carry out training that draw our thoughts,and make us feel about Training Partner

    In the instruction of work, staff might can't understand all we tell about “why”, and can’t respond to think, so we always gave detailed instructions.

    Therefore, we are customizing the training to organize the background of usual instructions and guidance, convey it in an easy way to understand, and cultivate “thinking ability”.

    In the training, we have games and training their thinking ability with contents that are directly related to actual work. It let them be easy to understand and having fun. Rooting after the training is important, so I would like to continue working on training in cooperation with Ayum.

    (Japanese Company)

    Semi-annual training (Cambodian, Japanese)

    I realized that Attitude and Feeling of approving each other is important

    Every day while working with the staff, I often get confused even if “what I tell them, can be understood” so I asked for Semi-annual Training. At the same time, Ayum also suggests that Japanese people need to be aware of Cambodian culture and communication methods which was a big deal, and we received training for Japanese people as well. I could feel and understand the reason for the words and actions that make me felt so refreshing. Put me in their shoes make me realized the importance of changing ourselves.

    (Japanese Company)