Our mission is to "draw out the potential of people and walk together".Experienced career advisors will be there to help you.We will consider your future career together and accompany you.



Career consulting
Getting close to Counseling

Experienced career advisors will consult closely with job seekers to consider the best career choices. In addition, when introducing a job, we will provide support by giving detailed information on Cambodia's economic situation and employment situation.

Introducing to job
Large-scale suggestion

We will suggest as large scale of jobs not only to Japanese companies but also to foreign companies according to the experience, hopes and feelings of job seekers. There are many cases where you could decide searching job from Japan, so please feel free to contact us first.

Support Before-After joining Company

Even after joining in company, we will firmly support job seekers so that they can start work smoothly, as well as travel, living information, and introduction of preschool. In addition, we have a system to consult with career advisors at any time so that you can reduce your anxiety as much as possible.



Step 01
Inquiry / Interview for Registation adjustment

If you are interested in finding a job, please feel free to contact us. If you contact us for the "Job Changing Support Service Application Page", we will check your resume and the staff will contact you regarding the registration interview.

* Residents of Foreign Country: Online 
* Cambodian residents: Face-to-face or online

Step 02
Interview for registration with Career advisor

We will listen to your experiences so far and hopes for the future, and think about the best choice for future career development as well as job introduction. In addition, we will propose a job that matches the characteristics of the company or department and the corporate culture, which are not listed in the job announcement.

Step 03
The recommendation to employer

Ayum will make adjustments from document submission to interview settings. We recommend to companies with maximizing the appeal of job seekers.

Step 04
Interview Preparation

We cooperate together to maximize the appeal within the limited interview time, and to deepen self-understanding as well as further understanding of companies. We will mock like a real job and support job seekers so that they can show their true potential.

Step 05
Offer&Follow-up before-after joing company

We will provide maximum support until joining the company, such as matching conditions with companies so that you can work with pleasley. we have a system that you can work for a long time, such as follow-up training & call from career advisors.

Have been using HR Service

From Company which


have been used HR Service

When I get the Profesional HR Support
make me became Strong

I wanted to get a job in Cambodia as a new graduate and asked Ayum for support. The career advisors kindly taught me how to self-analyze, thought about my career plan together, and were very kind and close to me.

I heard that there is a big gap between overseas employment image, but since I started job searching after brushing up myself, I was able to select a company that I was satisfied with. In addition to introduce my work and providing information on my daily life, I am also grateful that I found my inexperienced charm and introduced it to the company.

(Work at Japanese Company / 20y)

Appropriate advice helped me
to think about my career again.

In the past, I had changed jobs only through referrals from friends, and because I did not know the correct salary rate and skills, my desired salary was much higher than the market rate.

However, after meeting with Ayum and thinking about my future career, I was finally able to find the right salary and the job that I wanted to challenge myself, and I am very satisfied.

After I joined the company, I received proper advice on how to work and think in a new environment, and we worked together to figure out how to perform well in the workplace, and I was able to pass my trial period without any problems.                                         

(Work at Korean Company / 30y)

With excellent interview practice support,
I was able to make career change to
my desired sales position.

With the help of Ayum, I was able to change my career from accounting to a sales position that I wanted, although I had no experience. What was particularly helpful was that during the interview practice, I was able to rethink with Ayum the points that would link my career to my future position, and I was able to go into the interview with confidence.

Since I was able to understand the company well, I am able to work without any gaps after joining the company.                                                                                       

(Work at Korean Company / 20y)