SMILE×Walk Together

We express the feeling that will grow up without forgetting the wonderful smiles of Cambodians
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In Cambodia, where the concept of “career education” is not yet widespread, people enter the workforce without self-analysis and without knowing much about the world. We were concerned about the current situation where people leave their jobs after a short period of time.

Therefore, We feel it is a country that requires career development within society and in the company.

Thus, We have established Ayum in 2018.

In addition, we believe that embodying our vision, mission, value, and culture in our daily work will lead to providing the best service to our customers and job seekers. In addition, we have been focusing on employee development. It is not easy for people who grew up in different cultures to understand the same Vision and run together. I feel that it is important to repeatedly strive for mutual understanding from a long-term perspective.

We will continue, and strive to be a professional team in the field of human resources and education so that we can provide one-stop service not only for introducing human resources but also for personnel affairs strategy/recruitment, organizational improvement, induction curse within company, for business growth in Cambodia.








“Creating a society where you can work in your own way”

In Present, the environment surrounding us is changing rapidly, and people's ways of living and working are diversifying. Ayum aims to create a society in which each person finds their own personality and can work in his or her own way.


‘‘Unlock the potential of people and walk together’’

We’re getting close to everyone, and support for creation of a career that use their own individuality and talent. To fulfill this mission, as professional we have a strong aspiration, will never give up, and continue to challenge.


“SMILE×Walk Together”

‘‘Ayum’’ is comprised of two words of Khmer and Japanese. In Khmer, ‘‘Smile’’ is pronounced ‘‘Anhem’’. We named it so to express that don't forget the beautiful smiles of Cambodians and grow up together in our mind.



To fulfill the concept of “creating a society where you can work in your own way” of vision. We aim to create an environment where communication could be lively and free way of thinking is promoted.

Counseling booth

We’re conscious of creating a calm space tolet the candidates relax, and to maximize the appeal of them

Training & meeting room

It such a training and meeting room that could consist of less or more than 8 people, and have the projector as well. 

Nap space

To perform well as always, We’ve prepared a nap space. When a child comes, It’s also used as a kids' space.

Company Info


Company name

Ayum Japan Consulting Co., Ltd.


K Residence Building 3rd floor No 79-83, St. 388, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey II, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date of Establishment

July, 2018

Representative Director

Haruka Shioi (Ito)



Telephone number   

070 716 325